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Homemade NES Game Emulator

3D Printing Hardware Prototyping

This was a personal project which I created for my family to experience an amazing period of retro gaming. It contained an assortment of ROMs for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super NES (SNES), and Sega Genesis. The computer is a Raspberry Pi gen 1 Model B+ running the Ubuntu operating system and uses MAME for the UI and emulation. I used generic USB controllers shaped like those provided with the original Super NES.

The case is printed using 2.5mm PLA plastic using a hobby-grade 3d-printer in three seperate colors. The door opens up to reveal the SD card for easy access. The feet have a small dab of hot glue to give it some grip.

You can find the NES-style Raspberry Pi case on Thingiverse.