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Facebook Ninja: The Comment Reveal


This is a cheap little trick, but I like to use the Facebook Comment Reveal to add a little excitement to my online social grind. Facebook will truncate a comment to reduce the length of the page and not bombard a casual reader with more than they care to consume. You get about six lines of text (including the length of your name in the first line) before Facebook will cut your comment off with an ellipsis and “Read More” prompt. So why not use this to your advantage?

Add whatever you want revealed in the first six lines or less. When you’re satisfied, pad additional lines (with SHIFT+ENTER) and start each with a period to prevent Facebook from trimming them off. Then, on the seventh line, kill unsuspecting victims with that zinger! When you submit the comment, Facebook will replace the sixth line with a “read more” link that your friends will be unable to resist. Armed with this knowledge, you can now:

  • add tension and build-up to your witty one-liners!
  • create flashcards for your Biochem II class!
  • annoy your friends by forcing them to take an extra step to read your worthless thoughts!
  • see if your friends really read your comments!

Next time, I’ll show you how to troll on Quora for maximum lulz!