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Gaming for Extra Life

Despite life continuing to become more hectic as I ramp up preparations for opening the new makerspace in North Boynton and preparing for Miami’s first Mini Maker Faire, a group of dedicated individuals decided to take on raising cash for a charity event. Extra Life is a charity which accepts donations on behalf of the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals and culminates in 24 hours of non-stop gaming.

Facebook Ninja: The Comment Reveal

This is a cheap little trick, but I like to use the Facebook Comment Reveal to add a little excitement to my online social grind. Facebook will truncate a comment to reduce the length of the page and not bombard a casual reader with more than they care to consume. You get about six lines of text (including the length of your name in the first line) before Facebook will cut your comment off with an ellipsis and “Read More” prompt.


@googlenexus announces that I won So I won for my poetry entry! Despite the controversy . . . . . . . . YESSSS!!! :) EDIT: And Google responds.

An Ode To Android

An Ode to Android by Mike Greenberg Dear old Android powered by 3G: Oh how you’ve braved all of my hacks on thee. My compute-on-the-go has changed for the best And quickly calmed my developer unrest. The first few weeks with you were grand Open-source freedom in the palm of my hand. Despite constant battles with carrier mistrust My creedo remains “With Android or Bust!” Many ROMs later and interface tweaks

Unified Theory explaining all of Superman’s Powers

Just ran across this scientific paper today which explains all of superman’s power within a single unified theory and it looks very compelling. Just thought someone else might find this interesting as well. Excellent work, Ben Tippett. A Unified Theory of Superman’s Powers PS: Read Dinosaur Comics. You’ll thank me later.