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Makers on the Move in South Florida

Last Monday, Startup Delray invited representatives from the maker community in South Florida along with other enthusiasts to Delray Beach for an evening themed around recent growth in our area and how we can cooperate as a whole. On the panel to share their insight were key individuals who are investing deeply into the maker community here. I collected some notes from the event but my personal takeaway is much more substantial.

There are many who are passionate to see the return of woodshop and electronics labs from primary schools of the past and not in the way you’d expect. The electronics labs will come in the form of non-profit hack labs running after-school programs and woodshop will be orchestrated in 13,000 square foot facilities that also include welding and machining as well as knitting and tailoring.

Among the audience there were closet inventors and retired engineers who were looking for opportunities to apply their ideas and contributions. There are indications that at least two more makerspaces will be opening this year in Fort Lauderdale and North Boynton, with another in the works for both Jupiter and Miami. Boca Raton’s Caffeine Spaces in FAU Research Park has had support for a presence of maker resources for its members. Brief announcement of the first South Florida Mini Maker Faire coming in November this year was made with indications that this would lead into a larger scale Maker Faire.

I will be sure to share news from the community as these events unfold, but my optimism for South Florida’s tech community has never been brighter. In the meantime, here is the media I collected from the event.