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Facebook Ninja: The Comment Reveal

This is a cheap little trick, but I like to use the Facebook Comment Reveal to add a little excitement to my online social grind. Facebook will truncate a comment to reduce the length of the page and not bombard a casual reader with more than they care to consume. You get about six lines of text (including the length of your name in the first line) before Facebook will cut your comment off with an ellipsis and “Read More” prompt.

CSS selectors with multiple HTML attributes

Something I had been banging my head about recently… CSS selectors on multiple attributes. No doubt, CSS selectors are powerful. Selecting on ids and classes are a cinch. And in case you didn’t know, you can string multiple classes together in a selection. div#id.class1.class2.class3 Note: You could probably string multiple ids in a selector, but most proper engines will barf at you or simply return nothing. Despite the utility in being able to select multiple elements by their respective ids in one selector, this is poor form.

Speculating on the Net for the next 5-10 years…

Someone asked me “What do you think will be the top 5 trends in the next 5-10 years in the internet and mobile space?” I really liked the question and wanted to preserve my thoughts here for future reflection. 5-10 years is a long ways to be projecting, especially online. I don’t think I could even go 2-3 years out the way things are currently going. But I’ll give it a go.

Just Do It (And actually finish!)

This came from a question on a HackerNews thread.

So I used to have problems starting projects – I would plan/read/design etc and then never actually get around to doing anything concrete; I have overcome that issue. But now I find myself not being able to finish anything. I end up with little software projects that are half-done and abandoned because I lose motivation once I solve the ‘interesting’ challenges. When there is a clear path to the finish, I suddenly become disinterested.

Today's To-Do
Today's To-Do

This is something I still struggle with quite frequently. I’m not certain if it’s a particular chemistry in my brain or just a personality trait that I’ve developed over time. I find myself constantly hungering for interesting ideas and ways to solve problems. So much so, that the mental exercise of arriving at a unique solution has become a fun pasttime. This “not being able to finish” might seem like the main problem here, but I’d argue otherwise. Admittedly, the “problem solving” is hugely satisfying; more importantly than that, the problem that you’re trying to solve should be just as satisfying.

Customer Service in the Twilight Zone

I just had the most unusual conversation with a customer service rep. I was calling to ask about a magazine subscription that I didn’t remember making. I had recently been getting “bills” from the mag but wasn’t sure if they were really bills due to typical marketing campaigns which elude to a balance owed, but it’s really just getting you to subscribe. More importantly, when I called the customer service number I was greeted by an automated system.

Bitcoin for Noobs

I put together a short presentation about Bitcoin, how it works and why it’s there. I may eventually get around to fleshing it out, adding video explanation and notes. But for now… Bitcoin for Noobs.

What Google+ Does that Twitter and Facebook Doesn’t

I said I wasn’t going to jump into the buzz machine to talk about Google+, but I think the broadcast model used here is pretty interesting. I made a comment in response to someone wondering “How do I post something on your wall”. This is the Facebook paradigm which takes a graffiti approach to sharing information publicly. While you can “tag” people within your status updates (which is a relatively recent addition for Facebook) to draw their attention to your thoughts, you could also go to their wall and share your thoughts with them and everyone else who happens by (if they’ve set the permissions to allow this).

Wanted: An Entry-level Job That Doesn’t Suck!

Everyone once in a while, I offer to help other people be awesome. I’m not qualified at “Being Awesome” by any authority, but people seem to like my brand of advice. So I continue to offer it. This is a post that was adapted from one of these exchanges. The question was “What’s your advice for landing a really cool job that you enjoy right out of college? Not just getting a job that you take because you need to have a job and end up despising.


@googlenexus announces that I won So I won for my poetry entry! Despite the controversy . . . . . . . . YESSSS!!! :) EDIT: And Google responds.
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