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Has Yahoo Pipes reached its potential?

As a project, I was asked to build a customized feed using Yahoo Pipes. This service provides users the ability to remix data on the internet using an intuitive visual programming environment and has been on the internets for what will be three years come February 2010. At its inception, Tim O’Reilly lauded the service as a milestone in internet computing. Now that Pipes has had an opportunity to clean itself up and get comfortable, how has it really changed the landscape of internet computing?

jQuery Crashcourse – a Screencast

I was asked to prepare a screencast which briefly describes jQuery, it’s selectors, and a few short examples. It was my first and I feel the results are pretty good. I did make a few mistakes regarding technical specifics and I tried to make note of it in the screencast. If there are any other items which I should have been more specific about or missed entirely, I am very interested in your thoughts.