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What Google+ Does that Twitter and Facebook Doesn’t

I said I wasn’t going to jump into the buzz machine to talk about Google+, but I think the broadcast model used here is pretty interesting. I made a comment in response to someone wondering “How do I post something on your wall”. This is the Facebook paradigm which takes a graffiti approach to sharing information publicly. While you can “tag” people within your status updates (which is a relatively recent addition for Facebook) to draw their attention to your thoughts, you could also go to their wall and share your thoughts with them and everyone else who happens by (if they’ve set the permissions to allow this).

An Ode To Android

An Ode to Android by Mike Greenberg Dear old Android powered by 3G: Oh how you’ve braved all of my hacks on thee. My compute-on-the-go has changed for the best And quickly calmed my developer unrest. The first few weeks with you were grand Open-source freedom in the palm of my hand. Despite constant battles with carrier mistrust My creedo remains “With Android or Bust!” Many ROMs later and interface tweaks

Google fights against FTC intervention in News Industry’s Timely Demise

Government subsidies and federal regulations are being entertained by the FTC in an open discussion between the Luddites and the Progressors of news media. This discussion takes a concerning direction as the FTC makes some recommendations on how the govenment might “float” the industry until it can gets its act together. I understand the interest of supporting yet another of the foundational industries of our nation, but it’s intervention is supporting exactly the sort of middle-man distribution that needs to be demolished.