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What Google+ Does that Twitter and Facebook Doesn’t

I said I wasn’t going to jump into the buzz machine to talk about Google+, but I think the broadcast model used here is pretty interesting. I made a comment in response to someone wondering “How do I post something on your wall”. This is the Facebook paradigm which takes a graffiti approach to sharing information publicly. While you can “tag” people within your status updates (which is a relatively recent addition for Facebook) to draw their attention to your thoughts, you could also go to their wall and share your thoughts with them and everyone else who happens by (if they’ve set the permissions to allow this).

Twitter Annontations, a Meta-tweet Framework

As I wait for a project to build, I’d like to unravel some thoughts regarding something of which I’m starting to catch wind. A new feature being implemented into Twitter which helps solve many interesting challenges inherent to how Twitter currently works all the way down to the 140 character limit. This new feature is called Annotations and, as its name suggests, will allow the public to make notes and comments regarding specific tweets and publish them along with the original tweet.