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On Manufacturing Your Own Serendipity

People who spend their money on the slim chance to win millions are derogatorily referred to as gamblers. “These people have a problem and need to get help,” but I understand the satisfying feeling of spontaneous and beneficial discovery. Or in their case, discovering their bank account several times larger than it was mere seconds ago. These people aren’t really addicted to spending their money. They’re addicted to serendipity. And sure, some extra money is a pretty shallow victory.

Customer Service in the Twilight Zone

I just had the most unusual conversation with a customer service rep. I was calling to ask about a magazine subscription that I didn’t remember making. I had recently been getting “bills” from the mag but wasn’t sure if they were really bills due to typical marketing campaigns which elude to a balance owed, but it’s really just getting you to subscribe. More importantly, when I called the customer service number I was greeted by an automated system.