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Freedom of Speech on the Internet

Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of attention on the PROTECT IP Act going through the US Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act going through Congress. I’ve been actively promoting against these bills from being passed into law across my various social networks. Most recently, I self-censored my own blog (nobulb.com) in participation with American Censorship Day and shared with my friends. One of my buddies who shares my skepticism about random links on the internet questioned, “You don’t really believe this do you?

M-Lab: Transparency and Freedom

Transparency and freedom is what the Internet is founded on. All of this business with ISPs trying to manage and prioritize your traffic is an absolute mess. If you happened to be living under a rock this last year you missed the fiasco with Network Neutrality and our government’s attempt to make things “better” for the net. The latest tools released by the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute will put an extra feather in the cap of netizens everywhere.