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CSS selectors with multiple HTML attributes

Something I had been banging my head about recently… CSS selectors on multiple attributes. No doubt, CSS selectors are powerful. Selecting on ids and classes are a cinch. And in case you didn’t know, you can string multiple classes together in a selection. div#id.class1.class2.class3 Note: You could probably string multiple ids in a selector, but most proper engines will barf at you or simply return nothing. Despite the utility in being able to select multiple elements by their respective ids in one selector, this is poor form.

jQuery Crashcourse – a Screencast

I was asked to prepare a screencast which briefly describes jQuery, it’s selectors, and a few short examples. It was my first and I feel the results are pretty good. I did make a few mistakes regarding technical specifics and I tried to make note of it in the screencast. If there are any other items which I should have been more specific about or missed entirely, I am very interested in your thoughts.