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Seeking purpose in a stranger’s death

I am finding myself profoundly affected by Steve Jobs’ passing. I never particularly cared for Apple products as they stood for many of the technological principles which I oppose. But as a man who created an image, a following, maybe even a cult; Steve Jobs was a far cry from a failure. I consider myself strongly motivated to be successful and leave a lasting impact on the world. However, I see myself constantly being distracted from these goals with less important tasks.

Customer Service in the Twilight Zone

I just had the most unusual conversation with a customer service rep. I was calling to ask about a magazine subscription that I didn’t remember making. I had recently been getting “bills” from the mag but wasn’t sure if they were really bills due to typical marketing campaigns which elude to a balance owed, but it’s really just getting you to subscribe. More importantly, when I called the customer service number I was greeted by an automated system.