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Bitcoin for Noobs

I put together a short presentation about Bitcoin, how it works and why it’s there. I may eventually get around to fleshing it out, adding video explanation and notes. But for now… Bitcoin for Noobs.

Twitter Annontations, a Meta-tweet Framework

As I wait for a project to build, I’d like to unravel some thoughts regarding something of which I’m starting to catch wind. A new feature being implemented into Twitter which helps solve many interesting challenges inherent to how Twitter currently works all the way down to the 140 character limit. This new feature is called Annotations and, as its name suggests, will allow the public to make notes and comments regarding specific tweets and publish them along with the original tweet.

Has Yahoo Pipes reached its potential?

As a project, I was asked to build a customized feed using Yahoo Pipes. This service provides users the ability to remix data on the internet using an intuitive visual programming environment and has been on the internets for what will be three years come February 2010. At its inception, Tim O’Reilly lauded the service as a milestone in internet computing. Now that Pipes has had an opportunity to clean itself up and get comfortable, how has it really changed the landscape of internet computing?

Data.gov: Hit or Miss?

Open and transparent is the theme surrounding our administration to the tune of one federally-run one-stop-resource of all data involving the management and governing of our nation: Data.gov. (Well maybe not ALL data.) In an effort to right past wrongs, the Obama Administration is seeking to make the government’s information available to the public in an organized, easy-to-consume package. The web development community been sold on a beautiful idea. Five months later, we can see how the data is stacking up.