Mike GreenbergHi. My name is Michael and I’m…

Most of my time revolves around technology and design. These are two things which I consume pretty regularly as they seem to provide the most surprising and unique applications to the way we interact with the resources around us. In a perfect world, these stockpiles of information will be transparent in the way we use them and our lives will be rendered in context-sensitive bliss. I hope one day to find myself in the right place at the right time so that I might contribute to this wonderful idea in some significant way.

In an effort to funnel my creative energies into a productive (and personally theraputic) apex, this site will be my personal sandbox and platform for my spontaneous thoughts and outbursts. As long as there are new ideas, this site will continue to change. Over time, I’ve been called many things. Of those that I’m proud, I’ve been called…

…a Professional.

You can find me on StackOverflow Careers or LinkedIn. I’m also actively involved in growing our local professional community.

…a Geek.
I like playing with toys and tend towards the Early Adopter crowd more often than not. Some of these sites I still use include:

…a huge Music Geek.

…into reading geeky things.

I also enjoy thinking about interesting ideas.

…a Life Hacker.
These blogs are an endless amount of inspiration for improving my life processes.

And ChangeThis curates some of most fantastic manifestos I’ve ever read.

…a Technologist.
I really appreciate the advances that technology brings to the table. I read IEEE Spectrum to keep up on current trends and advances.

…a Mountain Biker.
I ride an older Trek 4700 hard tail which takes more of a beating than I can.

…a Visionary.
Looking forward is just as important as being “here” right now.

…a Father.
of two awesome mini-mes which I help raise with my fantastic wife.

…an Engineer, Programmer and Inventor.
so I like to build stuff.
I founded my first company when I was 21 and it’s still operating and in the black today!
Also Toy CPU Simulators with meticulous, documented code and a report!
And prototypes of a power consumption monitoring suite.
(One day, I should put a portfolio together.) 

…a Designer.
I’m not a rock star, but I get aesthetics and white space. As far as I’m concerned, color theory and composition go hand-in-hand with information density and progressive discovery of data.
Some of my artwork and photography is online. Most of it is not.
I also find sublime inspiration quite often on notcot.org.

…a Volunteer.
I served my local chapter of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society as Membership Secretary and President where I accomplished many fantastic feats!

…a Perfectionist.
You should really check out the code at the end of my CPU Scheduler Simulation Report. Would you believe I’m worse today.

…a Lifelong Student.
So far, I’ve studied at University of Miami‘s College of Engineering as well as Florida Atlantic University‘s College of Engineering and Computer Science where I graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering.

I continue to learn fantastic things every day from…
People with Interesting Angles on life, technology, and subjects which aren’t immediately prevalent today,
a few Personal Mentors and Models that I look up to, and
I read articles from all of the sources above including Boing Boing and the essays collected in Paul Graham.

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